May the Source Be with You

Darkness enveloped me. A chill gripped my chest, hope ebbed, and weariness set in. Obviously, I’d taken a turn off the favored road. I’d trudged the circuitous miserable miles to nowhere only to wind up stuck, deep in the mire, when someone called out to me.

“Hey, do you want help? Do you desire to be free?” the voice said.

I turned to see from where the voice came. It seemed to come from everywhere at once. It echoed around and above me, and shook the ground beneath me. The voice seemed vaguely familiar, but yet unfamiliar. It came from without and within. The trees bowed at the sound of his voice and the rocks shouted the echo of his question. Suddenly, brilliant light cut through the stormy sky and took the form of a mighty warrior. He was magnificent. 

I reached my hand for his, and he effortlessly pulled me onto solid ground. “Well, now that I have set you free, let me give you a map to get you to your desired destination,” the warrior said.

“But how do you know where I need to go?”

He threw his head back and laughed. My heart melted when I felt he saw straight through me. “Trust me. I knew you before I made you. Stay awhile here with me. I’ve been waiting for you for quite some time. Come, let us talk of my plans for you. Your world needs help for the battles it is facing and for those ahead. I was wondering if you would consider being one of my emissaries. I will supply all you need to complete the task if you accept the commission.”

“What is this commission you have for me? How shall I serve you and the people?”

“You need to know that not all will consider you a hero,” said the warrior. “In fact, many will see you as a foe. Some will oppose and hate you if you stand for me and my cause, even though you are trying to save their lives. I am sending you to raise up a standard of righteousness, truth, and justice and my peace on the Earth, to offer new life to all people.”

“How shall I accomplish this? No human ability can achieve such lofty goals. Evil appears to grow stronger in the world and all man’s weapons and reason fail to prevail against it.”

“You must show them the way to the river of living water that gives contentment and eternal life so they may drink from it. My power mends broken hearts and minds, opens blind eyes and deaf ears, and causes the crippled to leap. The mute shall speak of me. I am giving you access to my power. My ways are not your ways, and my weapons are not of this world.” said the warrior. “They are mighty and able to pull down the enemy’s strongholds. So, are you with me or not?”

I thought about whence I had come, and what he had rescued me from. What did I have to go back to other than lost and aimless wandering? The warrior was offering me purpose, destiny. And besides, I was drawn to him. “I’m in,” I said.

“Good, but you will need a change of garment.” He laid his hand on my shoulder and instantly I was clothed in dazzling white and he placed a suit of armor on me. “Remember, you need to return to me to renew and refill at morning and evening, as you have no power of your own. I am your source, and I give you what you need for the day.”

We talked through the night and into the dawn. Time stood still and flew by all at once. Everything seemed new, but it was as if I had known him forever. I never wanted to leave his presence but to drink him in. I had finally found home. This is what I was made for!

The Warrior reached into his very being and pulled out a flaming white-hot sword. It was as if the sword was part of himself; it was alive with life itself. He gave it to me, and said, “This sword discerns the heart and spirit of a man, and even brings the dead to life. It will instruct, point you in the direction I am sending you. It will light your path and show the way to others as well. My word, which I have given you to speak, holds the power to loosen prison gates and set captives free who the enemy has held in bondage for years. Declare to them, I secured their freedom; they need no longer be slaves. All that is required is for them to forsake their old ways and receive the gift of citizenship in my kingdom to come. I will give you favor with men to teach my ways and to recruit them for my cause.” 

The warrior fixed his eyes on mine and breathed on me and his power surged through and filled me with light and truth, and confusion fled away! I noticed that now light emanated from me also, like he was the greater light and I the lesser, like he was the sun and I the moon reflecting. And in fact, it was so.

Who is this source, this superhero, this warrior for souls and peace? Jesus is my Superman—the God-man, my Savior, Creator, Leader, Teacher, Lord and King. One day, we will fly among the stars together. Yes, I have a superpower; He dwells inside of me. He gave His life to save us, slayed sin and vanquished death, and lives so we may know Him. Do you want this? Do you hear Him calling your name? Run to Him! Hurry! He’s been waiting for you for quite some time. 

May The Source be with you.

[And yes, this is the same Warrior featured HERE in my other allegorical poem set in paragraph form entitled, Awake! He also appears throughout a small but growing pile of scrambled words in a story hidden in my drafts.]

The Story Behind the Story & Teacher Appreciation Week

#TeacherAppreciationWeek 2022 runs Monday, May 2nd – Friday, May 6th.

The catalyst for this piece was Professor Patricia Allen, a highschool dropout turned Harvard graduate and college english professor. She taught a creative writing class to the homeschool group my son and youngest daughter were part of a few years ago. I overheard Professor Allen assign the children to write a story about a superhero they admired. I decided to write one too. I was barely awakening to the realization I was a writer at the time and still hiding my work from most. She became one of my chief encouragers at the ignition of my writing journey. (Thank you.) She advised me that I’d “learn more about writing from joining the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild than from any college class.” I joined Jerry’s guild at it’s inception in 2016 and I’m forever indebted to and grateful for Jerry’s teaching on writing, his example as a Christian and in navigating the writing world.

Teachers, from preschool to college professor, writing coaches, to homeschool parents, play a critical role in our lives. They help shape the future not only for their students, but for the society those students impact. Let us not leave thirsty those who pour into others. A teacher’s encouragement can impact a student’s life for good, equip and and direct them on their path to their gifts and call. So too can we empower those who teach with encouraging words, a compassionate listening ear, displays of appreciation and respect, and by coming alongside and aiding their work as needed and called. So, take time to #ThankATeacher and enjoy the words of the 11 teachers featured in this post including Professor Allen.

And Teachers, in case you need a reminer (and people if you want an inside view), here’s a heart tugging one from a veteran teacher with a big heart who continues to impact her students: #WhyITeach

FOR HOMESCHOOLERS! College Prep Science Courses and Camps from Greg Landry

Greg Landry of College Prep Science was a God-send when I homeschooled my two youngest children. He continues to expand his variety of rubust course offerings and science lab camps including week-long ones. Enjoy my interview with him from 2019 HERE: Illuminating God’s Creation Revealing His Glory with Greg Landry of College Prep Science from which you can link to his site featuring new offerings

The highest place you’ll ever step, is down to serve another who has nothing to give back except maybe their heart and a changed life because you invested in them.

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Looking for answers in these turbulent times? Wondering what in the world is going on? 

I pulled these scriptures together last year for my post Peace in Pandemic and Pandemonium. Their truth cries ever louder. 


Billy Graham Evangelistic Association  24 hour Prayer Line: (888) 388-2683

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Author: Rachael M. Colby

Born and raised in Jamaica, award-winning writer Rachael M. Colby resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Wife, mom, beach bum, artist, work in progress, avid Tweeter—#HealthyFaithChat leader, Rachael writes to glorify God, encourage believers, and reach the lost. She connects culture’s questions with Christianity’s answers, inspires faith, and motivates through articles, devotions, poetry, and interviews. She has a heart for racial reconciliation and to uplift those who serve in tough places. Her work has appeared on Southern Ohio Christian Voice, Inkspirations Online, the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Blog, in the compilation books Creative Writing Journal: Faith Inspired Writing Prompts & Hope-Filled Poetry, The Courage to Write: 62 devotions to Encourage your Writing Journey, and Defining Moments: Memorable and Inspiring Stories from Outstanding Leaders, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Well That Was Funny, and in the Oak Ridger newspaper. She runs on copious amounts of coffee and chocolate and a whole lot of "Help me, Jesus." Her WIPS include a compilation of her family’s and others’ stories of their work as civil rights activists (adult and children’s books), and a devotional for writers. You can connect with Rachael on her website,—a place for seekers, followers, and writers, and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

8 thoughts on “May the Source Be with You”

  1. Well done Rachel.
    As I read it I was reminded of Barry McGuire’s song, Cosmic Cowboy. Have you heard it?


    1. Michael, good to hear from you! It’s been a long time. – No I hadn’t heard Barry MCGuire’s Cosmic Cowboy until tonight when I looked it up. I see the similarity. The words made me smile. Hope you and yours are well. God bless you and thank you for reading.


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