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 Smilebox_29728914I don’t just want good ideas. I want the mind and favor of God.

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Finding My Voice             

I looked in the mirror and found my voice.                                          

This is my voice:                                                                                               

It’s me becoming broken.

It’s me bleeding all over the pages.

Can’t you see my words are borne on tears?

Do you think I borrowed my words, the words God gave me?

Did you think they came cheap?

No, they are costly,

Because this world has a way of banging up a human heart.

But that’s okay, because Jesus has a way of restoring it.

Welcome to my life. Welcome to my vulnerability.

This is raw; this is live.

Welcome to my funeral and resurrection.

You are invited to watch me die and live again in Christ.  

© January 21st 2016,  Rachael M Colby  

I didn’t realize it was a year to the date since I wrote my poem, Finding My Voice, as I pondered the words and they evoked new revelation. I responded by adding these words to it on January 21st, 2017:

I must be careful of what I write.

It’s often truer than I know.

These prophesies, my story, like a scroll slowly unrolled.

One step, one day, one prayer, at a time, revealing.

“Dear Lord; I’m frightened.

Hold me.

I will rest, trust in You.

Thy will, Lord. Have your way in me.”

© 2016, 2017, Rachael M Colby  

Finding My Voice Inspired by: Tone in Writing and Your Unique Voice by Jerry B Jenkins written on January 21st, 2016 and added to January 21st 2017

The Why of Why I Write

Why do I breathe?



How can I not?

It’s in me.

It’s who I am.

It’s what He has called me to.

Sometimes it’s how I speak to Him,

Praying on paper.

Sometimes it’s how He answers me.

When He does, He tells me,

“Write this down.”

Lest I forget.

So others may know Him.

So He may be glorified

When the going is good.

So He may be glorified

When life is bitter.

To give others hope,

For He takes trash,

And makes it into treasure.

Because I must.

                                                —Rachael M Colby

The Why of Why I Write
Inspired by: Writer: Do You Really Know Your ‘Why’? by Jerry B Jenkins


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  1. Thank’s for the invitation Rachel. I view this site as a sacred place, where God can be glorified and His people can be encouraged.


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