Part 2: A Conversation with U.S. Army Chaplain, Special Needs Parent and Writer Brad Lee

Welcome to Part 2 of 2 of A Conversation with United Army Chaplain, Special Needs Parent, and Writer Brad Lee. In this video segment Chaplain Lee is joined by his wife, Lori and they share more about life as a military family with six children, one of whom has Downs Syndrome and Autism. Lori gives insights on how we can support military wives and parents of special needs children and more.

Chaplain Lee also shares about his ministry, Special Needs Marriage and Family, and his forthcoming book inspired by his journey with his young special needs son. 

Part 2: A Conversation with U.S. Army Chaplain, Special Needs Parent and Writer, Brad Lee

Chaplain Brad Lee’s YouTube Channel: Special Needs Marriage and Family ChannelEpisode 1: Introduction

Other than the adventures mentioned in Part I of this interview, here is Chaplain Lee’s response to my follow-up question of what his duties entail:

In my current position I serve as a Command Chaplain. All that really means is that I’m here to serve those that I lead. In that responsibility I spend a fair amount of time advising the Command on different issues, but I spend a significant amount of time pouring into the lives of the Chaplains on our team. I supervise three supervisory (Majors) Chaplains, and five unit level/Battalion (Captain) Chaplains. With that, I do a lot of coaching, training, mentoring, and otherwise guiding them through their challenges of chaplain ministry.

Our chapel team has 11 Chaplains (pastors) so we rotate preaching. I’ve assumed the leadership role as a musician/worship leader as it is one of my strengths and in order that the other younger guys get more pulpit time. 

U.S. Army Chaplain Brad Lee

But apparently the chaplaincy isn’t only a desk job! What does a day in the life of an army chaplain look like? It might surprise you. Click HERE to find out in PART I: A Conversation with U.S. Army Chaplain, Special Needs Parent and Writer, Brad Lee

Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened.—Rev. Billy Graham

Thank you Chaplain Lee and Lori for sharing a glimpse of your lives and your thoughts with us. Thank you for your service to our country (over 21 years as an army chaplain), and to Jesus. I pray God’s richest blessings on you, your family, your work in our military, and on your ministry and forthcoming book. I look forward to following your journey and hearing more from you.

I’m excited to read and share your book and see it impact many lives:

WALKING WITH KAYDAN [working title]

A journey of faith, struggle, and hope through the world of special needs

Brad Lee

“For over 21 years, Brad has served as a United States Army Chaplain. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as a Certified Professional Life Coach, Brad has guided countless individuals, couples and families through the challenges and struggles of life. As a speaker, trainer, educator, and ordained minister, he has spoken to more than 500,000 people throughout his career and ministry.”

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.

(II Corinthians 9:8 NKJV) – Special Needs:  The Unreached People that We Overlook

You can connect with Chaplain Brad Lee Here: 

FaceBook: Brad Lee

Twitter: Special Needs Marriage @MarriageNeeds

Check out, subscribe and like Chaplain Brad Lee’s YouTube Channel here: Special Needs Marriage and Family Channel

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7 thoughts on “Part 2: A Conversation with U.S. Army Chaplain, Special Needs Parent and Writer Brad Lee”

  1. What a wonderful “inside look” into this amazing family Ms. Rachael. To see how Mr. Brad and Ms. Lori work together to accomplish God’s purpose in their lives, and the lives of every family they touch with their outreach. To see God’s love put into action is such a blessing. Praying for much continued success.


    1. Chaplain Lee and Lori are a blessing to many indeed, JD. So grateful and humbled to have hosted them together and get a glimpse of their teamwork. Yes, we must continue to pray for them and all our military as well.


  2. Such a great interview getting to know Brad & Lori as a military family and their willingness to share with us what their life is like. Thanks for bringing them on and for supporting our military in this unique way! ~Ben C.


  3. I appreciated Lori’s comment to not hold army families at arm’s length just because they’ll eventually move away but rather invest in relationships. What a blessing it must be to have friends all over the globe! Thank you for this interview, Rachael!


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