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Some words get thrown around like confetti in January— “Happy New Year! What’s your New Year’s resolution?”

But what about when it’s not happy? What about when you don’t know which way is up, and what if you can’t see any resolution for issues in your life, much less make a resolution? While some began the new year with fireworks and hope, others look out on the future through the fog of uncertainty. What then? 

Honored to have my turn of the year article published on Southern Ohio Christian Voice. Please click HERE to continue reading my guest post entitled, Now, on their site.

Now, was originally posted on this site two years ago but has undergone some revision. I hope it ministers to you. I am in process of  revising some of my prior posts and submitting them as well as other articles to different publications. I also plan to submit book proposals for my two children’s picture books to literary agents for consideration within the next couple months. 

*The final article in my series of interviews featuring  pastors and pastor’s wives will post in a few days. Below are the links to the prior posts in the series. Thank you for your patience and for joining me on the journey. May God richly bless you and yours this year.


Series of Interviews with Pastors and Pastor’s Wives

Prior Post: Part 11—Threats to the Church & Keys to revival

Click here to read excerpts from and link to all my posts in my series of interviews with pastors and pastor’s wives:

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Born and raised in Jamaica, award-winning writer Rachael M. Colby resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Wife, mom, beach bum, artist, work in progress, avid Tweeter—#HealthyFaithChat leader, Rachael writes to glorify God, encourage believers, and reach the lost. She connects culture’s questions with Christianity’s answers, inspires faith, and motivates through articles, devotions, poetry, and interviews. She has a heart for racial reconciliation and to uplift those who serve in tough places. Her work has appeared on Southern Ohio Christian Voice, Inkspirations Online, the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Blog, in the compilation books Creative Writing Journal: Faith Inspired Writing Prompts & Hope-Filled Poetry, The Courage to Write: 62 devotions to Encourage your Writing Journey, and Defining Moments: Memorable and Inspiring Stories from Outstanding Leaders, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Well That Was Funny, and in the Oak Ridger newspaper. She runs on copious amounts of coffee and chocolate and a whole lot of "Help me, Jesus." Her WIPS include a compilation of her family’s and others’ stories of their work as civil rights activists (adult and children’s books), and a devotional for writers. You can connect with Rachael on her website,—a place for seekers, followers, and writers, and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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