Talent is a Seed

In his article, How Important Is Talent to You as a Writer?, twenty-one time New York Times bestselling author, Jerry B Jenkins, refers to himself as a journeyman, as opposed to a superstar talent in the field of writing. Wow. Okay, this means there’s hope for the rest of us aspiring writers. 

Tattoo_it_on_Your_Heart_Rachael_M_Colby_dreams_accomplishments_hard_work_Talent_is_a_Seed“Regardless where you start, your work ethic will determine your success.”   -Jerry Jenkins

Worthy pursuits cost something. They often require hard work and take long term investment to reap a good return.

“Who are you as a writer, and what are you willing to invest in your dream?” -Jerry Jenkins

I am a journeyman, the least of these. I love God and I love writing. So yes, I write for the love of God. I love people too. Except for when I can’t stand them. Just kidding; I love them anyway. Even when it’s hard—help-me-Jesus. 😉 God loves us all in spite of ourselves and calls us to care for one another accordingly.

I am a member of the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild, and of a local writer’s group. I have a summer reading list. Sometimes I forgo other activities so I can invest time to learn the craft and write.

Talent is a seed. A seed hidden in my pocket will not take root, mature or bear fruit. It must be planted in good soil and nourished.

My neighbor and I planted the same kind of trees simultaneously. He planted three foot trees; mine were seven feet tall. But in a few months, his surpassed mine in height and vigor. When I consulted my gardener friend, Robert, he smiled and said, “Buy the $2 plant, but put it in a $20 hole.”

I am the $2 plant, but I am rooted and established in the priceless soil of the Gospel. The most important investment I will ever make in my life and my dream, is to maintain a vibrant relationship with Jesus through prayer, reading the Bible and seeking His direction. I can’t give to others what I don’t have. I can’t water the seed God has given me or the lives of others  if I fail to first draw and drink from the well. I will not have the strength to carry sustenance to others if I don’t first nourish my soul. Only then will I bear fruit and have anything to offer. Whatever I do will flourish in direct proportion to how much I invest in my relationship with God. My writing will be an outflow. God will give the increase.

Sometimes I get discouraged with my writing. It seems like a mountain I will never be able to climb. I wish everything didn’t take so long:

  • Learning,
  • Editing,
  • Being heard in this noisy world, and building a following
  • Submitting my work, and someday actually being published
  • Jesus, I just want to make you smile, and touch other lives for You

But life is a marathon, not a sprint.

“Slow and steady wins the race.”  -The Hare and the Tortoise, Aesop’s Fables

I have a responsibility to tend  the seed God has given me. Edward Bulwer-Lytton said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” I am blessed with an awesome gift. My job is to continually develop my skill, and life has a way of providing abundant opportunity and inspiration.

What seed of talent has God given you? 

© 2016 Rachael M Colby | Tattoo It On Your Heart

Author: Rachael M. Colby

Born and raised in Jamaica, award-winning writer Rachael M. Colby resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Wife, mom, beach bum, artist, work in progress, avid Tweeter—#HealthyFaithChat leader, Rachael writes to glorify God, encourage believers, and reach the lost. She connects culture’s questions with Christianity’s answers, inspires faith, and motivates through articles, devotions, poetry, and interviews. She has a heart for racial reconciliation and to uplift those who serve in tough places. Her work has appeared on Southern Ohio Christian Voice, Inkspirations Online, the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Blog, in the compilation books Creative Writing Journal: Faith Inspired Writing Prompts & Hope-Filled Poetry, The Courage to Write: 62 devotions to Encourage your Writing Journey, and Defining Moments: Memorable and Inspiring Stories from Outstanding Leaders, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Well That Was Funny, and in the Oak Ridger newspaper. She runs on copious amounts of coffee and chocolate and a whole lot of "Help me, Jesus." Her WIPS include a compilation of her family’s and others’ stories of their work as civil rights activists (adult and children’s books), and a devotional for writers. You can connect with Rachael on her website, TattooItOnYourHeart.com—a place for seekers, followers, and writers, and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

4 thoughts on “Talent is a Seed”

  1. If you only knew how I needed to read this.

    I have eight kids I homeschool. Sometimes I feel guilty about this writing journey. Really, I think the guilt is from wanting to go down the rabbit trails on the writing journey.

    Your post reminded me that it’s God that’s given me the want-to to write. It’s my job to abide in Him. If only you knew how this helps me. Discovering your site and reading this post makes joining The Writer’s Guild worth every penny. Not that it isn’t worth it on its own. 🙂

    God bless and thanks!!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have eight kids. That alone is amazing. And you homeschool them? That makes you amazing and a hero. I wrestled with this post, left it, and went to church, got inspired some more there. I came home and almost put it off and went to bed, as it was such a jumbled mess with bits and pieces in different colored fonts and sizes with spaces in between. But I decided to pray, push through, and stay up and finish it- till 3am. I am so glad I did. I am so blessed it has ministered to you. Your comment made me cry. Thank you Jesus.

      Welcome to the Jerry’s Guild, and welcome to my site. Now, hold on, and write on. I am certain you have plenty of inspiration for writing in that everyday life of yours, and plenty to draw you to Him. 🙂


  2. Thank you, Rachael. What a timely message. There is so much packed into this post, I may have to reread it a few more times to keep absorbing! Water the root, not the fruit. Great reminder. Great encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Praise God, and thank you Pearl. Wow. I’m so glad I stayed up to finish this post.:) You have encouraged me, with your comment, and with your writing.Thank you, and God bless. 🙂


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